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We help our clients succeed by offering a large range of products thanks to our in-house 250+ network of contractors, influencers, and business professionals. We are the first collective of its kind who use the power of connection to provide excellent service.

Our Services

Influencer Management
We work directly with brands and influencers as a match maker, pairing them together for paid jobs. We consider ourselves trendsetters and love being behind the scenes for some of the worlds more polarizing moments. Our favorite campaigns to do are music releases, brand products, and viral hype campaigns.
PR & Social Media
For years we’ve studied the media playing feild and understand how it works. While we are able to place our clients in high-tier print and digital magazines, we take it a step further. We also cover podcasts, radio shows, billboards, Youtube collabs, and other Gen Z platforms. For us to provide good service, we make sure you look the best online at all times.
Music Services
If there is one word that we live by, its the word Industry Standard. With this at our core, we connect you with industry level producers, mixing engineers, mastering engineers, graphic designers, 3D designers, and more. On top of this, we’re also proficient all things streaming, sync licensing, and publishing related. Reach out to us to find out more. 
We know that content by far is the most important piece so we make sure to include this in what we do. We have access to full production teams around the nation with wide range of experience with genres like Hiphop, Country, R&B, and the various Rock genres. With you we’ll plan out and bring your project to life. To get started, lets set up a consultation and talk about your product.
Creativity and development go hand and hand in the entertainment industry. To get into technicals, we’re experts in the following areas: Software Development, Web Development, Back End Development, Front End Development, Full Stack Development, Meta Verse Development, and CRM Development. What this all means, is we can handle your entire projects needs without you having to look elsewhere.
Career Opportunities
For those looking to find opportunity, we offer various ways of supporting out team. Some of these include Sales, Manager, Assistant, IT, Finance, and Legal positions. We have tons of need for people who can hold down the foundational aspects of our business so that our creators can focus on creating.

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Whatever you’re looking for, we most likely have a way to get it.

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