Lil Durk expresses his desire to reconcile with his ex-fiancée India Royale, even after she confirmed her single status on social media. The rapper took to Instagram to share his sentiments, admitting that India had been supportive during his financial struggles. He promised to offer tips on relationships and the streets, adding that he still has genuine love for her.

“She played a small part she really a good [girl] who live life ima good guy good husband cause I just over talked never listen to her pain back when she was back pregnant willow in the belly aka fat ma [double hearts emoji],” he continued.

“So I ain’t perfect but I’m for you and I love you and I’m all ears when ever we get back in a relationship,” he added. “You saved my life with you and willow and big sky outside all my kids you was there ripthang.”

“This real s**t don’t attack her she definitely the best in the world trust me[,]” he added. “I ain’t do her wrong I just keep her from the world. I love you having fun and we ain’t fighting. I said not fight and I started one but I miss you that’s all we ain’t no joke we really that we get the bag bag together without doing the most or copy cat what they did.”

Despite his efforts to revive their romance, the rumors of their breakup have persisted since last year, and India has made it clear that she is no longer interested. This comes after Durk expressed his desire to have another child, and India announced her single status.