Reader Question:

i’ve been seeing my boyfriend for three and a half years. He’s a pal they are close to. We heard she flirts with my sweetheart and informs him she likes him, but the guy will not add on to the woman teasing.

I don’t like her because of the fact the woman is “also friendly.” We have challenged my personal boyfriend regarding it, but he simply gets crazy at me personally plus it winds up becoming a disagreement.

Ought I just disregard this?

-Aubrey (California)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Response:

Dear Aubrey,

The problem here provides less to do with others woman’s conduct, which you can’t really get a handle on in any event, and a lot more related to your boyfriend’s a reaction to your expressing issue.

His fury could possibly be because of one of several following:

The initial step to resolving that is for you really to analyze both selections you have control over.

Are you currently inquiring in an aggravated method, and are you experiencing unreasonable jealousies? If each of those don’t pass the snuff examination, then you may check out the additional two.

Truly, some dudes get very unclear about the complexities of feminine emotions in which he may be frustrated because he does not know very well what to-do.

Eventually, you might also think about what’s going on within relationship that renders you muster insecurities. On three-and-a-half year tag, you are interested in a firmer dedication.

I think there is more to your feelings than a spat over a flirty lady.

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I am not sure Where All Of Our Connection is certian. Any Advice?
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