Instagram Growth Automation (1 Account)

Monthly growth automation to help organically grow a targeted fanbase on Instagram

* 1 Account Slot on (discounted rate)

* 1 Proxy

$400.00 / Month

Website Hosting, Support, & Maintenance

Unlimited support for edits, maintenance, bugs, and pays for all hosting and domain costs

$15.00 / Month

Spotify Streams (10k)

Streams coming directly to profile


Spotify Radio Streams (10k)

Song is promoted on Spotify Radio bringing streams to this category


Spotify Algorithmic Streams (10k)

Triggers Spotify algorithm allowing streams to come to the algorithmic category.


Youtube Ad Campaign (10k)

Youtube 15 second skippable ad campaign to bring views specialized to bring views to a music video


Instagram Engagement (1 Post)

Tailed to bring engagement to the latest post on Instagram. Brings around 50-100 real comments